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Aromatherapy All Purpose Cleaner

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Aromatherapy Cleaner

There was this day that I found out that my beloved disinfectant wipes were, well, toxic.  It was a rough day.  One of those days I just wanted to pretend that I was ignorant and it didn’t really matter because I used them religiously.  And I hate to clean and they made it easy.  But every time I used them, I couldn’t stop thinking about how bad they were for my family.  So,  I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement for cleaning my counters, tables, sinks and toilets. I’d found a few on the market, but they still seemed to have ingredients in them that I didn’t care to use, usually sulfates and perfumes or they were just crazy expensive.

I put together a few homemade recipes that I found on line, but most of them had vinegar as a base. I know, I know, vinegar is amazing. I’m not arguing with that, but the smell just doesn’t do it for me.  It makes cleaning an even more unpleasant experience for me, like it needs to be any more unpleasant!

After researching some ingredients, I came up with a little recipe of my own. And it smells amazing! I owe all the credit to my 7 year old because Continue reading Aromatherapy All Purpose Cleaner