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Baked Mac n Cheese

Top Secret Pepperoni Mac n Cheese

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Mmm, I love baked Mac n Cheese.

And sneaking in some secret veggies that actually make it taste even better?  It’s a win-win for everybody.  Even for the vegetable haters in my family.  And the vegetable haters that we invite over for dinner that have no idea that they are even eating vegetables.  I was actually “shushed” once by a friend when I started to tell her the secret ingredient, because she didn’t want her veggie-skeptical husband to accidentally overhear!  He chowed down on at least two helpings of my Mac n Cheese that night, and I’m pretty sure he was none the wiser.

Developing this recipe has truly been a labor of love.  It’s not unusual for me to tweak recipes and make them “my own,” but I’ve tweaked this particular recipe so much over the years that it actually is my own by now.  The only ingredients it shares with the original recipe is butter, salt, and pepper!

The original recipe was was called “Creamy Ham n Macaroni.”  It was a family favorite, but one day I ran out of ham.  The only meat I had available was pepperoni, so I took a chance and threw it in.  My family loved it!  I even took the pepperoni version to a potluck dinner later that month and received rave reviews. Continue reading Top Secret Pepperoni Mac n Cheese