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Welcome to our crazy lives! We’re Lynn and Nicole, two friends who both decided to feed our families real food, homeschool our children, love our husbands and follow Jesus!  This site  takes you along for some of that journey…which can be quite crazy!

Craving Crazy - Lynn and Nicole

Here you’ll find delicious recipes made with real food, DIY household and personal care recipe ideas, and deep thoughts that may make you feel, well, not so crazy. All accompanied by random shenanigans from our crazy lives.

Learn more about Lynn and Nicole!

 lynn     Lynn Alomar

Hi there!  I am a homemaker, home schooling momma and Navy wife to a Chief Nuclear Electrician in the US Navy. I have a degree in finance and in a previous life I was an internal wholesaler for a mutual fund company.  Oh how God can change your life in a few short years!

 After having  my first daughter 11 weeks early, God let me know loud and clear that I was going to be a stay at home mom.  Then I had my second daughter, only 6 weeks early that time!  After a short while,  I realized that in order to have a healthy family, some things in our eating habits were going to have to change.  I started out making baby food, but that was just the beginning.  Little by little I started weeding out most processed foods, starting with corn syrup and food coloring, from my family’s food repertoire.  Now, things are a little more crazy as I discover more and more about what it really means to eat healthy.

Along the way of eating real food, the awareness all of the chemicals in household cleaning and personal care products came to light and I began learning how to make my own household cleaners as well as personal P2care products such as deodorant and toothpaste.  The journey still continues, but I try to do the best I can to make decisions for the health of our family.

My husband and I want to have God centered lives for our family.  We felt strongly that God was calling us to homeschool  in order for that to happen.  So we do!  We homeschool in order to provide an education that is God centered and  classically taught.  We are a part of an amazing Classical Conversations homeschool community and are loving the learning that God has brought into our lives.



Headshot2014      Nicole Whitworth

Nicole Whitworth is a full-time mother of three little ones, and full-time wife to IMG_1380the Administrative Pastor at Reality Church.

Many years ago, after following a recipe and realizing that she had just made gravy without knowing it, Nicole suddenly realized that cooking wasn’t as hard as she had thought.  Her crazy cooking journey has progressed from simple gravy to a dedication towards making nutritious, delicious, real food.

Nicole is passionate about helping women make seemingly crazy choices that go against the grain of our modern culture, but causes them to experience life closer to the way that God intended for them.