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Sticky Buns That Taste Just Like Grandma’s (Bucket Dough Method)

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One of my favorite childhood memories is when my family would vacation at my Grandparents’ house for several weeks each summer.  Among other fun activities, I eagerly anticipated my Grandmother’s homemade sticky buns.

My Grandmother was old-school, waking up at 4am to make and knead the dough (by hand, no less!), yet still allowing enough time for the yeast to rise.  She timed it perfectly so that the sticky buns were ready to eat by the time my brother and I woke for breakfast.

Years have passed, and I have often craved that sticky bun tradition.   Continue reading Sticky Buns That Taste Just Like Grandma’s (Bucket Dough Method)


How to Make Bucket Dough (for Sourdough)

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Within this rather unimpressive looking bucket of dough lies a wealth of possibilities that most people believe are well out of reach for everyday life.  What I see, however, is the secret weapon that keeps my family well supplied with as much delicious, warm sourdough bread as we need.

It’s simple, and only takes about 10 minutes every 3-5 days.  And the many different uses for Bucket Dough make it time very well spent.  I can’t count the number of times that having Bucket Dough on-hand in the fridge has saved me when I’ve forgotten to plan a side dish to go with dinner.  Or when an we have guests over and I want to offer a special treat.  Or even when I realize I have nothing to feed the kids for lunch… Continue reading How to Make Bucket Dough (for Sourdough)